Total equipment have been manufacturers of commercial catering equipment for over 15 years. We produce a large range of Gas cooking products and refrigeration units, as well as custom designed stainless steel products such as cool rooms, shelves, sinks and canopies.

We are an Australian based company, though we sometime use foreign manufacturing. If you prefer an all Australian product, or just need equipment supplied in a hurry, we can work to your requirements. Advise us, and we will supply the facilities that you will be glad to work with.

Gas Cookware:

  • Combination Stoves
  • Specialty Stoves
  • Deep Fryers
  • Chargrill BBQ
  • Wok Tables of Various Sizes
  • Stove Oven combinations.
  • Duck Cooler
  • Toasting
  • Steaming Units
  • Dim Sim Steamers
  • Hot Food Bar
  • Grills
  • Hotplate Facilities
  • Food Display Servers.

Unless otherwise stated all units are stainless steel construction.

Refrigeration Units:

  • Commercial Refrigeration Units
  • Display Refrigeration Units
  • Bar Fridges
  • Walk in Cool rooms
  • Drink Chillers
  • Cool rooms, custom designed

Commercial refrigeration is quite different to commercial systems. Storage space in commercial units is far great, given the same floor space, and temperature control is far more advanced. The storage life of food and beverages is far more consistent and predictable with quality commercial refrigeration.

Custom Service:

We appreciate that every operation is different. Even with the largest range of cookware and refrigeration there will always be service requirements unique to your restaurant or store. At our manufacturing plant we aim to build any conceivable piece of commercial catering or storage gear, from bench-tops to specialized cooking apparatus. As time is often an issue we can often produce custom designs locally in under a working week.